The Art at Which is Coffee

An interesting announcement was made earlier this week about the benefits of coffee on one’s long-term health. For the coffee lovers of the world, myself included, this was a flag in our pocket of defenses for all of those nay-sayers. Yet, we don’t allow them to really bother us anyway. Right?

IMO there are two types of people, those that appreciate art and those that don’t. Those that value the impact it has on our individual and cultural being, and those who don’t. Those that drink coffee and those that do not. There is rarely (but not ever) any middle ground. However, what many of those on the “dark side” come to realize is that much like art, many learn to have an appreciation or sometimes even a preference once they find their own style.

Coffee, like art, is personal. It cannot be flawed. I may have standards for my own preferred cup of java but for coffee lovers everywhere it is not a ruin. Before one begins to argue this point, one must consider the process of coffee. It isn’t just a beverage to be consumed, at least not for me. For many, it is a ritual. An experience. Just like creating an artistic masterpiece.

The the aroma of the fresh brew, the sound of the pour, the warmth of the taste. It’s a sensual experience and a very personal one.

Like great artists I learned from the masterful. My grandfather made my first cup of coffee and instilled in me the style and love that goes into not only my personal cup but also that in which I make for others. A cup of coffee can say much more than “wake up and go” it can say “I love you” it can say “come in, and stay a while” it is an invitation for conversation; a compromise; a connection. It can mend hearts and warm souls. It is not about whether you take cream or sugar, although this is important in one’s own preference, it isn’t about whether you like it or not, it is about an appreciation.  One that most coffee-lovers do not take for granted.

So if you haven’t yet developed an appreciation, not to worry there is still time. For many, this beloved beverage is an acquired taste. Although others may never truly value the art that which is coffee, and thus an acceptance I make. Your conversation still welcome but only after I’ve had mine; and much like many great artists our works will go unappreciated. Though we may never fully understand the art that which is you- before 9AM, or in the middle of the night with a roaring infant,  alas, we shall agree to disagree and move onward.



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