Let 2016 Begin…

Happy New Year from the Fowlers.

For some, a New Year means New Beginnings. In the past, this was for me as well, but now more than ever I cannot express how much I recognize just how individual this sentiment is. To each their own, of course, but for the Fowlers in 2016 it is merely a continuation. One that comes with an annual mind-game, this year I’ll do my best to only write 2015 for the next thirty days as opposed to ninety. We’ll see about that…

In all seriousness though, looking back at 2015 there was a great deal of laughter and love, some sadness, some loss, many celebrations, amazing family and friends; even better moments frozen in our hearts, some bitter, some sweet, but overall 2015 was a good year. Our babies grew leaps and bounds, our home was filled multiple times with our nearest and dearest celebrating, playing games, sharing heart-to-hearts, and making memories over meals and copious amounts of coffee and wine. We took adventures, we learned lessons, some perhaps the hard way, but we learned to love even harder; and we made incredible memories on awesome journeys.

Our littles developed a heart and empathy for animals, a notable accomplishment for the youngest; and our eldest has become quite the independent “southern” little lady (one with a hoarding and organization problem nonetheless, but we are working on that). Brent and I continue to grind away at the American dream but honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure the days can be long, but we both are beyond blessed to have jobs we love with people we enjoy working with. It makes our time away from the home and family much more worth it and easier to manage.

Speaking of manage, on a FFP note, B and I have started the following 2016 savings project. I found it on Pinterest and it’s a penny a day, so far it’s been easy 😉 Here’s the link http://www.savingadvice.com/articles/2014/01/01/1019727_365-day-money-challenge.html for those interested.

We’ll see how this goes!

365-Day-Saving-Money-ChallengeFilled-in.pngIt’s always fun to try something new and if Brent and I learned anything in 2015 it was that we are both pretty adventurous and it does us both well to take on such challenges together.

Of course 2016 does signify a new calendar year, so there is of course a start there, and calendars are one of my favorite things so while we aren’t starting from scratch it is a welcome refresh, one sometimes needed by all. I suppose as I lookout over what 2016 could be I see a landscape of possibility. A canyon filled with an abundance of love and faith. If I am as grateful in 365 days to be sitting quietly in my warm home, with a cheap but oh-so-comfy pair of mucklucks, after a solid hour of bedtime wars, with all my babies sleeping soundly with warm beds and full tummies, healthy and safe; getting ready for a busy week ahead; and exchanging friendly football banter with a loving husband, who annoyingly cannot stop picking and poking at me…then 2016 will have been a success. ❤

As a period is place on 2015, another chapter is closed and although I have no idea what will be written in 2016, I do look forward to another chapter in our story. Let it begin…