February has my heart.


There are a number of reasons why I love February; and it’s not the chocolate hearts either. A few years ago I couldn’t say this but it is far and away better than January, although probably not as exciting as March, nonetheless, it is a favorite of mine.

I feel like February is when the new year actually begins for me. January is so much a curveball month. The physical and emotional feeling is like a roller-coaster. Coming off the high of the holidays feels so bittersweet. January is a month of special dates but not all ones I’d like to celebrate; it feels much like an evening of listening to Delilah. An intoxication of warm and fuzzy, followed by a sadness that is paralyzing and physical feeling that completely ruins my happy-high, yet somehow ends with a pick me up of happy thoughts and far-off-wishes. She is one crazy ride let me tell you; just as the month of January is to me. This may be why I have unintentionally made it a tradition to head home every January since we left; and this year was my favorite trip yet. My family and friends, okay, well they are all my family, made this year so special and I’m entirely grateful. Yet nothing compares to the relief that comes on 2/1.

When February (finally) rolls around I feel like I’ve gained a grip back on life. My balance ensues and I LOVE it. Sure I may have a gained a few other things in the meantime, a few grey hairs, some LBS, maybe a wrinkle, but the best thing about February is that it’s my January. My time to get the routine back in action. Time to look ahead and get back to my grind. Evenings that are balanced, to-do lists that are long, yet oh-so-fun to check off, cooking, coloring, and a long sigh of relief. It is refreshing.

My lesson in this is a personal pick me up from me to you: if you haven’t yet found your new year reset button, don’t give up! Don’t slide farther. It’s there. When you’re ready, I encourage you to hit it, but of course, only when you’re ready. Annnddd if needed, grab some chocolate; that never hurts ❤



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