FullSizeRenderIt may not make sense, but here goes…

I’ve never understood the hype for V-day. I’m not a romantical-type and I hate cliché’s. To be completely honest romance, to me, is corny. I get a weird awkward feeling when I see the traditional down-on-the knee proposal. It is so unnatural. And rose petals? Really? That’s a lose-lose. The real ones die and the fake ones are just that, you can’t win! Simply put, I don’t do cheesy; Nicholas Sparks kind of makes me want to gag, but before you take away my female-card. I have a few good reasons. So hear me out…

The first, why the pressure? On men particularly. Not to sound sexist but let’s call a spade a spade, this holiday is kind of sexist. Here’s one for the researchers out there, how many couples break up on February 15 because of unmet expectations?

Second, why the need for a holiday where the entire population of uncoupled individuals, either by choice or by circumstance, are isolated and even highlighted? Way to go cupid! Maybe your naked little rear should send extra arrows of love to them instead of putting pressure on the rest of us to “get it right.” Seriously, who wants to be reminded of their Facebook status one way or the other? We are all pretty well aware. #notcool 

And lastly, yep I had to go there, this is a frugal blog…why the $$$$? Prices on everything and anything pink or red are completely inflated. It is insane! I certainly don’t need my husband to spend a ridiculous amount of money on this silly little holiday, in fact I can’t think of a single bigger turn-off. How about putting all the money in the bank ..hubba, hubba.

However, I am not a complete cynic. I fully admit my house is festive and my children are excited, as am I, but not for the obvious reasons. Sure, I plan to indulge in pink and red chocolates until they’re gone, even some wine and all completely without shame, but…we do go a step farther. No matter the holiday, we make it a point in our home to find little things around the house to highlight the months/seasons. For example, I recycle tissue paper, so for Vday we take the pink and white and cut out hearts, decorate cards and do small DIY projects. Another fun tip is to save all the red leftover from Christmas, candies, sprinkles, art supplies, etc. The timing is both convenient and cost effective. It brings an extra bit of fun to a busy, scheduled household. We try to mix it up however we can. Fun and love are two mantras for the Fowler farm. And if there is one thing I can fully get on board with for this holiday, it’s this idea of love.

I may not be a historian but the optimist in me thinks it could just be the more accurate foundation of said celebration, love. But not just any love, the kind of love from deep down within us, the heart and soul that binds us. Not just “us” in the traditional courting, married, or relationship-type either; but all of us. As a family. As friends, those near and far. The connection of all those who matter the most.

This Sunday when my girls wake up they will be excited, a true reaction of love. The sincerest form, straight from the heart of a child. Sure, the little treats are fun but they don’t know what to expect and therefore have no expectations. Rather these are moments of which they are reminded just how loved they are. Yes, this is something we tell them every single day, something we show them every single day, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded and Valentine’s Day is good for just that. This, IMO, is the point of V-day. We don’t need to go above and beyond, no need for extravagance. We just need to take a moment to savor the good. As humans no matter how hard we try, sometimes we need reminding to not only tell someone how loved they are but to also hear it. Sometimes in the midst of chaos, a holiday is a good reminder to set the monotony of life aside and remind those nearest to us how loved they are.

Save your wallet, the headache, and the stress. Have more than one Valentine, yes your partner is a given but what about your children? Your parents? Your dog? Maybe your Grandpa? What about your best friend who lives 15 hours away? You love them all, no? Tell them! It doesn’t cost a penny to hug someone, to ‘cuggle, or to say I love you.

Hmmmm…maybe this is my kind of holiday after all 😉



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