Yes, I’m exhausted.

Today I was approached with the question, “has daylight savings affected your children?”

I couldn’t tell if this was a question from an inquiring mind or if it was a gentle “bless your heart and those giant bags under your eyes” either way, I took the bait.

HA! Has it affected my children?! The simple answer, yes, is an understatement of gigantic proportion. Moreover, it has affected me! I am so tired and run down from that measly one-hr time loss that I am probably worse-off than they are. Getting up in the morning is a struggle, which very much goes against my nature. I am a morning person most weeks, but this one-no bueno. Also, the evenings! Getting the girls to bed on time has been rough. How do you explain to a child that they need to go to bed when the sun is still shining through their window and the ice cream truck is driving by? Which reminds me…

Side note to the local ice cream truck: It is spring, it is not summer. Your old-school melody playing loudly through the neighborhood is truly unnecessary during the weeknight hours. When I hear you coming I go into mama-bear mode for both the safety of my wallet and my children. There is something unnerving about your not-so-modern approach to sales. Please take your business elsewhere, I hear stationary food trucks are an up and coming industry. Then perhaps you won’t get the side from parents hiding their children from you. #sorrynotsorry

Anyhow, my conversation about DST was not a long one but it was thought provoking. How did Hawaii and Alaska get out of this little time change? I understand that back in the day it was necessary to maximize work days for various industries, but is that really applicable in 2016? Shouldn’t Americans learn to work less? Isn’t that the whole better work-life balance argument? Furthermore, if we trust mother nature (aka: a groundhog) to still predict spring, shouldn’t we trust her to gradually increase and decrease the length of our days? This seems to make more sense to me than abruptly  interfering with my  (and my children’s) sleep cycle every spring and fall. Much like our age, the days will naturally lengthen every year, just as they were intended, we do not need any help with this.

So in response to the popular idea circulating about eliminating DST from our calendar, I say go for it! Or if nothing else, leave it to the Owl to make the decision for us.

Happy Sleeping. ox



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