All the feels and none of the thoughts.

This blog has been many things for me, an outlet, an accountability-buddy, a mirror, a challenge and an honest extension of some of my biggest challenges. In short, it has been a layer of self-transparency. All to assist me in identifying personal challenge and initiating the necessary steps of growth.

At present I feel like I am bursting at the seams. I need to deconstruct my thoughts, one topic at a time. I have lots to explore and even more to reconnect with and I’m ready. As I begin my plan to unfold and identify I am taking to the keys to utilize the same the same medium that has helped me so many other times in these more recent years. Not for validation or exploitation but for that freeing feeling of not hiding, anything-from anyone but especially from myself.

Instantly my thought is…ugh-ick-feels-ew. It is a pretty real reaction. This is how I really feel about it all. For a moment I want to hit delete and shut it all down but maybe by documenting this fun roller-coaster of life, it will help my own little ladies as they begin their own ebbs and flows of growing up. Who knows…but here goes…




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