Sayonara Summer

As much as I have loathed the thought of August I know it is almost here. Today was the final summer session of New Student Orientation at work and tonight we attended Meet the Teacher for Madz. It seems the busier we are and the more I need time to slow down even just a wee-bit, it always appears to rev up that much more. Le sigh.

When I reflect on the wonderful changes and beautiful memories this summer has provided I’m astonished. I don’t spend a lot of time reflecting, although I should, note to self on that; but on the rare occasion I do. When I consider the last 90 days I tend to go from feeling amazed and proud with a dash of Beyonce- to simply feeling exhausted and spent with an extra side of comfy pillows and sleep. Ahhh, sleep. okay-not yet.

With only a few days left of July there is still much to do. Sure, we are completely unpacked and for the most part, settled into our new (hopefully) forever home; but we have had lots of guests who have generously come to help us get settled and assist with summer vacay. We’ve already begun hosting wonderful celebrations and truly “breaking in” our new home and we would have it no other way. But with all good seasons they change.

Football, pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather (thankfully), hoodies & flip flops, a new round of school supplies and the arrival of the Paul family are on the horizon. Honestly, the Fowler Farm could not be more excited about all of this!

Both girls start school next week, yes our littlest one too, that is a whole separate post. So with the last few day of July wrapping up things aren’t yet slowing down. Our new fence is still a project in the works. All preparations for back-to-school are in full swing. A very special fifth birthday “soiree” is to be held on Sunday. A new round of extra-curriculars, special events, work madness, etc. All of this excites me. It is all a transition from one season to the next, and it is all good. So good. Probably one of the most exciting things coming this fall is the newest family headed to the Triangle. Two of our favorite people, and one pint size little girl that Madz & Char simply adore, will be joining the 802-919 relocation crew permanently and we CANNOT WAIT for their moving truck to roll into town.

IMG_3055With so many lovely things on the horizon it is hard to spend too much time in reflection. We progress forward and keep moving as does time. I suppose if we can’t beat it we might as well join it. Making the most of each day even regardless of what it brings. Taking in water fights in the back yard, a quiet moment on the couch, folding laundry, cooking meals or running around doing errands, just call my Taxi-Mom. I’m going to embrace it all. May this new season be a reminder to love the little moments and feel every bit of the big ones. From season to season, God is good. Thank you for the memories and until we meet again…sayonara summer. ox


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