Just a Friday night at the Fowler Farm

Twelve hours later I am still laughing out loud to myself and thought, ya know with all of the emotions and stress this week has brought to so many…I’ve got to share.

Last night my littlest lost her first tooth. It is a big deal for any kid, sure, and she was no different. It has been loose for months and last night it started to do the forward bend. The short story is first tooth, out ..woot! Tooth fairy, done. But for anyone who knows my dear Charlotte, Charli, Char, Cha-Cha, Chuck or Icebox (the latest earned nickname) she is a wee bit for the dramatics and did not disappoint. So here is what happened…

About twenty minutes after bed time Chuck and Madz came storming down the stairs hollering over one another about how Charlotte’s tooth is almost ready to fall out. Great. Awesome. Let’s see it. Right? This is the normal response. Of course, like most kiddos she wasn’t going to allow for any of us to touch, wriggle or even attempt a sneak attack and even though we were all front row to this big event, Madz was giving us the play-by-play. She is a great big sister. She loves her little sister and honestly I’m not sure who was more excited about said tooth. Madz gets a little, okay a lot excited about well, alot. It is a wonderful and endearing quality but she is learning to let everyone have their own moment. After another 30 minutes of the two hollering at one another, something to the effect of “Charlotte just let me see. Here use this. Pull like this..eeeeeeeekkkkk” and then Char responding with “Maddie stop! It’s my tooth. It’s not ready. Okay, like this?” Finally after another 20 minutes or so without an extraction we accepted defeat and back upstairs they went. Then it came…

It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes when squeals, screams, hoorays, stomping, running, the whole upstairs was shaking, my overhead lights were flickering and Madz ran to the stairwell “CHARLOTTE’S TOOTH CAME OUT!” Followed immediately by Charlotte aka Icebox running and driving her sister to the ground, breaking her necklace in the tackle, pretty well telling her to shut it, without using her words (something else we are working on) I can’t say I blame her. As I walked up the stairs, I gave Madz the “well, you kinda of earned that” look and then asked for the tooth. The only problem? The tooth was gone. Somehow in the excitement this teensy-tiny little tooth went flying. Here is the scene, Madz is downstairs crying to Ashley about her necklace, Brent is making his way slowly up the stairs, most likely wishing to be back at hunting camp, and I make my way behind Charlotte. I toss my phone to the side (so wishing now I hadn’t) ready to find the tooth but as soon as I walk in her room she has caught her self in the mirror. She is paralyzed. It is the first moment she has seen the bloody, toothless gum. Now I realize this may put into question all the so-called good parenting moments moms are “supposed to have” but here is where it gets sooo funny to me and I couldn’t help it. I’m only human. She FREAKED at the blood. Like Home Alone in the mirror 3 times over AHHHHHHH.AHHHHHH.AHHHHHH. Freaked. out. And then went running downstairs for refuge.

It was seriously the funniest thing. Of course, I did my very best to keep my hysterics contained and just went to work looking for the tooth. But the whole situation was (in true Char fashion) over.the.top. Of course I was unimpressed trying to find it. White tooth, white carpet, messy bedroom oi vey. Thankfully daddy to the rescue! It seriously felt like a marathon saga. I pretty well needed the deepest, darkest, chocolate indulgence to recover.

Of course Char couldn’t just go to sleep. It was too much for her and she wound up compromising the tooth fairy not one, not two but three times in the middle of the night . #cheerstothechocolate

In the end the tooth was recovered, the child was calmed, the secret magic of the tooth fairy remains safe to live another day and as for Madz…well she apologized and accepted her sister’s retaliation. It is a fun life we live.

Here’s to the next one…