Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

I’m an adult. I can admit when I’m wrong and I fully believe you are never too old to learn a lesson. I have learned so much in the past few years but recently a few things have continued to shine out brighter than others. First, time is money. Second, energy and efficiency are sometimes well worth the additional cost; and third, patience can pay dividends. Let me explain…

Lesson 1. Patience Pays
Last week I was in my preferred consignment store. They were having a huge clearance sale and even though I wasn’t just shopping for fun, I needed some items, I left empty-handed and frustrated.

Fast forward to Thursday, I received a promo email from the same store promoting that all remaining clearance items would be marked down to $2.00 or less Sat. & Sun. SCORE! This deal combined with my birthday coupon and I had instant relief of that irritating feeling I couldn’t shake. I made a plan and went to town updating my professional wardrobe with almost 20 news pieces for under $30.00!! No guilt here.

The lesson? Waiting can be well worth it and for those naysayers about consignment shopping- don’t knock it until you try it. Consignment stores have come along way in the past 5 years. This one particular is geared toward the 25-40 yr. old professional woman only and you can often find high-end options in fantastic condition.

Lesson 2. Time, energy and efficiency are all $$$ oh, and DON’T JUDGE.
This one is a little bit harder for me, I’m totally eating crow. I was judgmental. I try not to be but sometimes…I’m human. No one wants to be judged and I’m no different but I did. I judged and I fully admit, I was wrong. Here’s what went down…The first time I ever saw an ad to order groceries online I was critical and somewhat cynical. Who can’t buy their own groceries? That is completely unnecessary? What is this Real Housewives of Raleigh? Yes, I was not the best me in these thoughts.

The grocery store has always been a happy place to be. Correction. The grocery store used to be a happy place for me. I loved grocery shopping. That was then. Now, it is a little different. The season of life I live is a beautiful one. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it but there are definitely some struggles. Going to the grocery store with two little ones can definitely be one of them. It seems as though no matter how much prep-work and planning I did pre-shopping trip; no matter how many pep talks, bribes and potty stops, the grocery store is almost never a positive experience. Someone is always hungry, another always touching, someone will always have to go to the bathroom when we are on the opposite end of the store even if we went when we first came in, and then there’s the girls…Moms out there you get it… my shortcomings as a parent shine through when both girls draw on their  survival skills once we reach the freezer section because undoubtedly I’m causing frostbite on their fingers and toes in that 2 minutes we are walking through. Oi vey. It is exhausting. Yes, I have tried to go by myself. I have a 50/50 partner who can go too but I was recently finding that our schedules were amping up and our more recent trips had us at the rush hour of grocery lines. Bad. All bad. No fun. Zero fun. Two thumbs down!

By the way, speaking of judgment, holy hannah do i get judged in the grocery store. Do NONE of those old southern beatties have children??? Do they not remember THAT season of life? Compassion, people. Compassion. #blesstheirforgetfulhearts

Anyway, so you’ve probably guessed where this is going. I caved. I decided to gift myself an online shopping trip over the holidays. They give you the first one “free” eliminating the $4.95 fee for them to shop for you. Which, had I know was only $4.95 I may have jumped on this bandwagon earlier. I easily made that up with coupons and in-store savings. Fast forward to now and I can say I’m a mega-fan and I’m sorry, so sincerely sorry that I judged.

Ordering your groceries online does not qualify you for the next RH season and it does not indicate that you are anything less than efficient. The best part, believe it or not…I SAVE MONEY! I stick completely to my list, I am not tempted by smells or sales, my groceries are ready when I need them and I don’t wander aimlessly and overwhelmed because I’m distracted. Not to lie, it took more than once to become this mega-fan. The first two times I was still slightly self-conscious but this weekend the fridge was bare and our schedules were crazy. I had a small window of time Sat. AM to get to the store and but adding this to my to-do list was daunting. So I ordered them online and scheduled pick up after gymnastics before heading home to change and turn back out. We pulled up, the girls and I were able to keep up with our fun conversation while eating lunch on the go, they loaded it up and we never had to get out. It was by far THE BEST shopping experience. No fights, no frustration and no overspending. Even the girls said “mom, we should get groceries like that all the time” SOLD. A whole family converted. Truth be told, deep in my heart I still love my grocery trips, it is the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy but I do so solo with my preferred coffee in hand, up and at’em super early in the morning before the crowds when the produce is just set out. And yes, they still happen but when the life we lead inevitably gets crazy, thank goodness for online grocery shopping. #lessonlearned

Happy Shopping!



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