About the Project

July 2012
My husband and I packed our whole lives into a U-haul, our two little girls into our car and set out on a new journey. With a pit stop to see my family, in what would be the last time I ever got to hug my father, we took a chance. The back history here is that Burlington, VT was just too expensive for us. A young couple trying to find careers with movement and a lifestyle that is not over the top but merely comfortable and simple. I’ve said all along, I just want to buy a cup of coffee for a friend without having to check my account balance. Not being able to argue with simple math, we extracted all of our savings, left behind our family and friends, and headed south of the Mason-Dixon line to Raleigh, NC. A place where the job opportunities were more, the salaries were higher, and the cost of living, less.

Fast Forward to February 2013
Since being here my husband has had great success, so far, with his career. I, on the other hand, have had a more humbling experience and only started working back in my career of choice 6 weeks ago. Needless to say money has been tight. We had hoped our taxes would get us back to the cushion as we build our bank account back up, but were blindsided by an outstanding education loan that neither my husband nor I was aware of and Uncle Sam claimed all 4,000+ of our tax dollars. It was a hard hit to take when you are already emotionally taxed (no pun intended). We knew we needed to make some changes and that they needed to be made pretty quick.

In one of my many “low moments of hope” I decided that I needed a project. Something that would serve a purpose more than just sitting down to blog and write-through the heartbreak of losing my Dad. I love to write and for some, this would be just the therapy; but for me I needed something with a little more structure. Something with a goal, something that may even be tangible. Although I had zero idea what that would be. I considered a Julie & Julia type baking project. Baking (cakes particularly) is another hobby of mine, but last year I was successful at shedding 30+ pounds with the ‘bite and write it’ journal method and a baking challenge just didn’t seem like the right fit. lol.

Then it hit me. The best combination for success and healing would be to bare our all -expenses, emotions, and experiences- stay focused and make a change. For me, this means channeling my energy and emotions into a project that has the most rewarding outcome, financial stability for my family. Alas, the Frugal Fowler Project was born. One year of tracking, scheduling, potentially freezing budgets as needed, and counting every penny so that our dreams of buying a home, putting the girls into Little League (Grandpa would have it no other way), and buying a friend a cup of coffee can become a reality.

With the husband on-board, it’s a scary venture…but here we go!


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