About the Author

My name is Kerri, I am (in no particular order) a mom, wife, professional, sister, friend and daughter. To those who know me best I am an organizational, traditional type-A woman with a questionable obsession with calendars. I love wine and chocolate, and my family of course. I have a need to keep my feet grounded in reality with a fantasy to be wild and full of spontaneity; I am sassy, strong-willed, and a little anxious at times. In short I am my father’s daughter (well, one of three). Admittedly, I try to keep a healthy balance of all of these pieces and the multifacets of everyday life but sometimes things seem …crazy at best. Life as we live each year getting older, for me becomes more real and terrifying. This was never more true then on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 the day I lost my Dad. It was/is a heartbreaking experience.

As I begin to put all of the pieces of myself back together, the truth is whether I like it or not, life goes on and my job as a parent, as a woman, as a sister, a daughter, a friend and human is to mend as best I can and this project will (hopefully) be a therapy of sorts- where I can invest positive energy, good focus, my goal-oriented persona, create a structure for success, and perhaps offer a few tips and learn a few tricks- all for the better of my family.

Join me, won’t you.




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